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July, 2017

  • 12 July

    Why Iran Will Not Go the Way of the USSR

    by Shireen T. Hunter (Lomblog.Com)                           Since the Soviet Union dissolved in December 1991, articles have appeared in the West arguing that, sooner or later, Iran’s ethnic and linguistic diversity will lead it to go the way of the USSR …

  • 11 July

    Managing Escalation Dynamics with Iran in Syria and Beyond

    Michael Eisenstadt – The Washington Institute   n recent weeks, U.S. forces have clashed in Syria with regime or Iran-supported pro-regime forces on at least a half-dozen occasions. This has raised concerns that with the impending military defeat of the Islamic State in Syria and the scramble to fill the resulting …

  • 6 July

    Iraqi Kurdish leader says no turning back on independence bid

    By Samia Nakhoul, Maher Chmaytelli and Stephen Kalin (Reuters) Iraq’s Kurdish leader said on Thursday that there was no turning back on a bid to achieve an independent Kurdish state, but he would pursue it through dialogue with Baghdad and regional powers to avoid conflict. Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), told …

  • 6 July

    Global Opinions It’s time to prepare for Iran’s political collapse

    By Ray Takeyh (Washington Post) In recent congressional testimony, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sensibly stressed that the United States should “work towards support of those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government.” The commentariat was aghast, and the Islamic republic registered a formal protest note. Both …

  • 1 July

    How Rouhani’s Second Term Will Deepen Iran’s Crises

    Amir Basiri – Forbes The outcome of Iran’s recent presidential elections didn’t sit well with Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime. The ailing Khamenei, who has final say on all critical matters of state, evidently preferred the winner of the race to be Ebrahim Raisi, the cleric …

June, 2017

  • 29 June

    5 Reasons America Should Not Fight Iran, Russia and Assad in Syria

    aaron David Mille & Richard Sokolsky ( National Interest) The idea du jour circulating inside the Trump administration and among terrorism experts and Syria watchers alike is that ISIS cannot be destroyed in Syria unless Bashar al-Assad is removed from power and Iran’s presence and influence are drastically curtailed. And …

  • 25 June

    ‘The war after Isis’: has Trump opened the door to conflict with Iran?

    US forces have opened fire on Iranian-backed forces in Syria three times in the past month, amid mounting tensions that observers and former officials worry could easily turn into an unplanned, spiralling conflict. The three recent incidents took place at al-Tanf, a remote desert outpost near the point where the …

  • 25 June

    Rift between Iran’s ayatollah and re-elected president widens

    Tensions are mounting between Iran’s supreme leader and the country’s president after the latter’s landslide victory in last month’s election. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 78, has sharpened his criticism of the reformist president, Hassan Rouhani, including humiliating him in a meeting of the country’s most senior officials. A hardliner keen to …

  • 6 June

    Iran’s leader lashes out at Trump, Saudis for anti-Tehran alliance

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out on Sunday against U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s leaders for their new regional alliance against Tehran, saying it would bear no fruit. Trump singled out Iran as a key source of funding and support for militant groups during his visit …

  • 2 June


    Mirren Gidda (Newsweek) Michael D’Andrea goes by many names. To those in the CIA, he’s the Undertaker, the Dark Prince, Ayatollah Mike. To Hollywood, he’s the Wolf, immortalized in Zero Dark Thirty, a film about the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. To the general public, he is nobody, as he …