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Open Letter to Antonio Guterres, UN General Secretary: The Plea to Stop The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Recent Wave of Crackdowns

Your Excellency Mr. António Guterres,

The Secretary-General of the United Nations

We, the undersigned, cordially request your good self in your capacity to employ all the necessary means to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran’s executions of dissidents and brutal crackdown on protestors.

In the last few weeks, The Islamic Republic of Iran has increased pressure on Iranian Kurds and their political parties. Examples of this recent crackdown include executions of young dissidents from the Kurdistan province of Iran on allegations of “Moharebeh,” i.e., “fight against Allah,” and missile attacks that have hit the headquarters of Kurdish political parties in Iraq. The history of the Islamic Republic suggests that such actions are usually followed by assassinations outside of Iran and the suppression of dissidents inside Iran.

In response to these brutal actions and in solidarity with opposition groups, Iranian people – specifically in the Iranian western provinces and other neighboring regions – went on an all-inclusive strike on Sep/12/2018.

Nonviolent actions such as this are an indication of the commitment of the Iranian people to nonviolent means and principles despite the Islamic Republic’s outright use of violence. Iranian Kurds organized this action as a model for Iranians in all provinces.

The recent crackdown shows the Islamic Republic’s plan to provoke the heretofore-nonviolent civil resistance to violence for the purpose of justifying brutal suppression. Despite the Iranian people’s insistence on civil resistance, if there is not firm international condemnation of the Islamic Republic’s actions, violence may spread in Iran and beyond Iran’s borders.

We respectfully submit that actions of the kind demonstrated by the Islamic Republic be meticulously observed and prevented by all necessary means.



1- Ahmadi, Fereydoon

2- Ahy, Shahriar

3- Asadi, Houshang

4- Assadi, Jamshid

5- Bahmani, Nahid

6- Barati, Mehran

7- Batebi, Ahmad

8- Bagher Zadeh, Hossein

9- Dastmalchi, Parviz

10- Hassanzadeh, Asou

11- Hessami, Aram

12- Homa, Ava

13- Hosseini, Nahid

14- Ilkhanzadeh, Omar

15- Khadem, Javad

16- Maghsoodnia, Manouchehr

17- Mohtadi, Abdullah

18- Nayeb Hashem, Hassan

19- Nourizadeh, Alireza

20- Parham, Ramin

21- Rafat, Ahmad

22- Salimi, Mashaallah

23- Sazegara, Mohsen

24-Saremi, Behnam

25- Shambaiati, Karim

26- Shams, Saeed

27- Shariatmadari, Hassan

28- Shohadai, Yazdan

29- Tajalli Mehr, Mahmoud

30- Tehrani, Ali

31- Yazdi, Fathieh

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